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PV SCADA Application

Next Generation Industry 4.0 SCADA Application for Photovoltaic and Solar plants

As the photovoltaic power plant becomes increasingly complex due to the integration of distributed energy resources and storage, these challenges are presenting opportunities to rethink the world of supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA). When integrated with the solar field– in combination with increased grid automation – solar field maintenance needs to be intelligently managed and leveraged for effective PV plant operation. At the same time, utilities are facing growing cyber regulatory and customer pressure to maximize assets efficiency and always provide reliable service.

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To enable PV Power plants utilities to master these current and future challenges, Contel Smart Energy developed the next era of PV SCADA systems: the PVView™ Advanced Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). It integrates all the power plant components – Inverters, Trackers, Power Meters, String Monitoring, Meteorological sensors, Protection relays, national grid, storage systems, DGTP, etc. – all operated in a Common User Environment – to gain maximum benefit from information and provide a solid foundation for the management of your solar field.

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SCADA Alarming

Easily Stay away of what’s happening at your facility wherever you are.

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Industrial Historian

Turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag.

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Dynamic Reporting

Create a full range of dynamic data-rich reports and send them anywhere

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Transaction Management

Easily log data, call stored procedures, and synchronize data bi-directionally.

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Get Mobile Access

Get mobile access to your control system via smartphones and tablets.

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On-premise Or
Secured Cloud base
SCADA application

for your convenient.

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Multi-Sites Management

Operate and monitor all of your PV sites in one place.

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Strong Security

PVView ™ features ultra-secure SSL technology and supports modern cyber security protocols such as federated identity infrastructure, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single
sign-on (SSO).