EV Smart Fleet
Management ™

In a changing world of electrical mobility, operators need the smart tools that enable them to modernize energy resources and stay ahead of the curve, offering a competitive cost-effective service. Operators need to be able to quickly bid for and win tenders; adjust offerings and stay competitive and modern, meeting various service level agreements, such as requirements for on-time performance.

EV Smart Fleet Management chart

Why EV Smart Fleet Management ™?

  • First cloud-native system with advanced optimization and artificial intelligence – better software for better energy management control as well as ability to monitor control your local energy resources associated with your fleet.
  • Easily express rules and preferences related to energy resources, solar, storage as well as fleet battery use, charging requirements and more.
  • Use AI for on-time energy performance and prepare for a more economical driven charging process. Constant innovation that is deployed to all fleet energy facilities, such as grid connection, solar, storage, chargers, etc.
  • Operators can create an accurate operational schedule that includes the optimal charging times and locations as well as online monitoring for the fleet energy levels.
  • Quick and accurate results
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Electrical Fleet Parking Area

EV Parking Microgrid

EV Smart Fleet management ™ is used to manage and
optimized EV parking facilities integrated with:

Solar | Storage | Chargers | Grid | Electrical Vehicles |
Vehicles Scheduling Systems | ERP System

EV Smart Bus Fleet Management chart

EV Fleet Management

Electric Vehicles are the way of the future. Fleet energy resources present non-trivial planning and scheduling requirements such as charging times, energy rates scheduling, location, and battery levels. These must be considered, otherwise sub-optimal plans will require higher energy costs, additional vehicles and drivers, requiring the addition of regular fuel vehicles to preserve capacity. This is where EV Smart Fleet Management ™ become useful – with specialized energy resources management tools to create the most integrated and optimal operations of your fleet.

At the same time, operators need the technology infrastructure that supports next-generation energy management services, with better charging plans, fleet monitoring, energy resource optimization – to bring in the next wave of EV innovation.

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Fleet Charging Schedule

By online monitoring of the fleet batteries State of Charge – the EV Smart Fleet Management ™ will help a fleet manager to optimize a fleet charging schedule in coordination with local grid and rates.

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A Next Generation
Fleet Energy Platform

Easily reduce costs by accurately modelling your microgrid network, create optimal energy profile, timetables and electrical vehicle charging schedules as well as improve working conditions for driver retention.

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Electrical Vehicles Smart Fleet

EV Smart Fleet management ™ is a cloud base software allows you to simply view, monitor and manage your fleet activity as well as your energy resources associated with your fleet. Our EV Fleet Management Hardware & Software integrate and control your power resources as well as your local solar, Storage assets and EV chargers for maximum energy utilization of your EV fleet.